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When you are planning for an opening or closing session that attendees will talk about forever.... Jeff Becker, an incredibly relatable and funny former educator & counselor has a message that sparks engagement and makes your event remarkable, in the most literal sense.

About Jeff Becker

  • 2015 Toastmaster's International Speaker of the Year

  • Professor of Social and Emotional Learning

  • 2014 District Counselor of the Year (32nd Largest District in the US)

  • 2019 District Teacher of the Year (32nd Largest District in the US)

  • 2019 Florida State Teacher of the Year Nominee

  • FLDOE Ron Nieto Digital Educator of the Year

  • 2018 SCORE Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Host of the Can Do U SEL Podcast

  • Founder of Two Highly Successful SEL Video Curriculum Companies

  • Master's Degree in Elementary & Secondary School Counseling

  • Certified Educator

What is a "Multi-Sensory" Keynote?

Did you know that adding a visual element to a presentation increases an attendee's recall rate by 65%?!?!?! 

Touch more than one of the attendee's senses, and they will remember [and talk about] your conference and their keynote experience forever.

With images, videos, throwable microphones, and soundtracking Jeff takes your attendees on an emotional journey to a higher understanding of the power of non-academics.

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What You'll Get:

Pre-Event Hype Content

The lead-up and anticipation an attendee feels before they make it to your event will greatly contribute to their experience when they arrive.  Our team will create a personalized video message you can use and share via email or social media.

Interactive Attendee Games and Prizes

Jeff calls this is "Orientation Phase" of the talk.  People are hoping to feel at ease and comfortable at your event, Jeff helps them to do this with his fun, funny, and energetic entire-crowd games.  He'll bring a significant prize to give to one or more of the lucky winners (no extra charge).

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Multi-Sensory Keynote

Jeff uses storytelling, interactive illustrations, and a powerful closing to help your event hit "buzzworthy-status".  

Working with Jeff is Easy

Jeff has been working with conference coordinators for a long time.  He is easy to work with and takes great responsibility and ownership of your event alongside of you.